Proofreading is when language experts read and correct any errors in a written document. Proofreading is the key to the creation of astounding documents. If done by experts, it can have the effect from just being a plain piece of communication to being  breathtaking by playing with all senses of a reader.

Prestigious companies / organisations always proofread their documents before submitting them for publication. Proofreading involves 3 major key aspects:

  • Correcting all grammatical errors.
  • Making sure that the final document is understandable to the intended audience.
  • Confirming that each word was correctly translated.

Lugandaproz offers proofreading services to any type of document written in English or any other native languages in  Uganda which include: Luganda, swahili, dinka, acholi, alur, lugbar, ateso, runyankore, rukiga, samia, at a small fee.

Simply fill in the form below and we shall contact you with a quote. 

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