Our History

This is how we emerged: 

(The Director’s View) I remember getting daily emails from clients asking me if I could connect them or recommend other linguists who could help them translate some African languages. I would then quickly search through my contact list and recommend the qualified candidate. Some clients also always insisted that I help them handle those massive projects, that required many translators, which I gladly did. After about a year, I realized I could help more people out there with translation needs, especially those that didn’t have my email address, so I set out on a mission of creating a translations company.

I contacted fellow trusted linguists and they bought my idea. We started with a team of about 10 in 2013 and we handled only languages in Uganda. However, as we gained experience and trust from our customers, we added over 100 translators to our database and embarked on translating East African languages. It was not until last year when we decided to become global, so we added more languages which meant signing up over 1000 African language translators.

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With a large experienced team, Lugandaproz became Lugandaproz Translations Inc., a company that can translate any African language easily, with the shortest turnaround.

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