Africans prefer native to foreign languages: Here is why!

Africa is made up of millions of natives who speak different native languages. These languages are often
times not considered official but continue to be favored by them because of the following facts.
Most Africans are illiterates who only understand their native language. Most Africans where so traditional that they didn’t embrace education. Besides that, it was costly to raise tuition for a child to attend school, so they didn’t learn the foreign languages and thus can’t use them.
Their strong love for their culture. Even those that learnt foreign languages don’t use them at times because they feel like they are dismissive of their culture. In Uganda for instance, it is rare to find natives using a foreign language while speaking to each other. They speak it only when it is required, or when communicating to a large group of people where they are not sure whether every person understands the language.

Corrupt governing system. It is not news that there is a lot of corruption in African government. As colonizers¬†gave facilitation to governments to infiltrate these foreign languages into country residents, these facilities didn’t reach the intended population. For example, the donated textbooks where instead put in shops to be sold. So Africans
didn’t learn how to speak the foreign languages.
Lastly, because some phrases only exist in the native language. Other words or phrases
lose their intended meaning when translated. this is especially true for sayings, idioms and proverbs.

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