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TRANSLATION Translation provides an opportunity to get your point across to an international audience. We provide Legal, Certified, Technical, Medical, Document, and Personal Translations, Read more. LOCALIZATION We take care of every last detail of your website, mobile app, video game, etc by localizing it for your customers. Let us help you gain that successful entry into the business world with ourContinue reading “Our services.”

Africans prefer native to foreign languages: Here is why!

Africa is made up of millions of natives who speak different native languages. These languages are often times not considered official but continue to be favored by them because of the following facts. Most Africans are illiterates who only understand their native language. Most Africans where so traditional that they didn’t embrace education. Besides that,Continue reading “Africans prefer native to foreign languages: Here is why!”

2018’s top translated languages

As noted in the previous years, millions of words are translated every minute by machines and humans. Surprisingly, statistics shows that an average person speaks about two languages. The first being their native language and then, a learned foreign language. But this doesn’t mean a person can’t know more because there is Ziad Fazah who claimsContinue reading “2018’s top translated languages”