What we do:

We are part of the leading translations companies that offer linguistic solutions of translations, voice overs, transcriptions, consultations, subtitling and tutoring. Our strategic location has enabled us recruit hundreds of native translators of all East African languages and other freelance translators to handle all other foreign languages as clearly highlighted below;

1. English   10. Runyankore 21. Kikuyu 28. Swahili
2. Spanish 11. Rutooro 22. Luhya 29. Maasai
3. Chinese  12. Rukiga 23. Luo 30. Datooga
4. Hindi 13. Runyoro 24. Swahili 31. Digo
5. Arabic 14. Luganda 25. Maasai
6. Portuguese 15. Lusoga 26. Kikamba
7. Russian 16. Karamojong 27. Kisii
8. German 17. Acholi
9. French 18. Lugbara
19. Alur
20. Dinka

Why you should trust us:

– Each file submitted is handled by experts who keep it confidential.
– We also have a pool of proofreaders who make sure that every detail in the document is captured and presented in the right way.
– We ensure that a document meets all the stated requirements provided by the client during submission. 
– Our translation services are unmatched because every project has to be fully analysed by proofreaders to make sure it is accurate.
– We strive to meet all our client’s expectations and ensure accountability for every dollar you pay.


How it works:

1. Upload your files.
2. Receive a price quote.
3. Pay using either PayPal, wire-transfer, escrow or western union. 
4. Receive translated files. 


Do you you need a quick translation of a personal document? Click here or email us at info@lugandaproz.com

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