We are very pleased to offer you with the best quality translation services. We have both in-house and freelance natives with solid experience in language translation and interpretation. We welcome both single individuals and organisations and work closely with you to ensure we meet all the set demands. Whether you need a quick translation of a personal document, or a company-wide initiative to standardize international product manuals or any other information, our translation team is ready for any needs. From private clients to global corporations, lugandaproz are the high water mark for quality.


UGANDA: Alur, Acholi, Swahili, Dinka, Luganda, Luhya, Lusoga, Lango, Lugbar, Teso, Runyankole, Rukiga, Runyoro, RutooroKaramanjong, etc

KENYA: Arabic, Aweer, Borana, Bukusu, Dawida, English, Gichuka,Gikuyu, Gujarati, Kamba, Nandi, Kiembu, Maasai, Nandi, Nubi, Oluluyia/ luhya, Olunyole, Olusamia, Samburu, Somali, Swahili, Teso, Tugen, Turkana, etc

TANZANIA: Alagwa, Arabic, Bembe, English, gogo, gorowa, kamba, kerewe, kimbu, kwere, langi, Luo, Masai, maraba, matengo, mwera, ngoni, nyamwezi, nyaturu, shubi, sukuma, swahili, yao, zinza, etc

BURUNDI: French, Rundi, Swahili.

CONGO: Akwa, bonjo, fang, French, Lingala, lumbu, moi, ngom, sundi, yombe, etc

RWANDA: English, French, Kinyarwanda.


Each file submitted is handled by experts who keep it confidential by ensuring that no translator retains any copies of the file on their personal devices, we have a software for that. We also have a pool of proofreaders who make sure that every detail in the document is captured and presented in the right way. We ensure that a document meets all the stated requirements provided by the client during submission. Our translation services are unmatched because every project has to be fully analysed by proofreaders to make sure it is accurate. We strive to meet all our client’s expectations and ensure accountability for every dollar you pay.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL US – info@lugandaproz.com


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