Are you tired of paying too much to get professional translations of your documents? Then read this!

You can’t get quality translations at low prices.” Have you heard or read this notion that most translation gurus use? They argue that you can’t have the best services at the lowest prices on the market.

Lugandaproz says, forget it.

But there are thousands of translation service providers and you could think the solution is to switch from one to the next until you land on the right but NO, that’s a little… for lack of a better word, dumb.


Because you could land on scammers, hackers and fraudsters on your pursuit of finding the best translators.

So what should you do?

First, I shall explain how translation companies come up with ridiculous high prices.

Most translation companies that are international employ linguists as project managers who in turn get contractors who connect them to other native translators to work on your files. This means that prices shall always be tripled because every party involved shall want to make a profit. So a $10 project ends up being $100.

What is the ultimate solution?
You have to learn to spot out a native translation company to handle your project because that means it is directly linked to the translators handling your job. Well, hiring a native translator can also be an option but it could expose you to poor quality

The only trick is to verify whether they are working under the GDPR to ensure that you get quality but low prices services. You can find more information on how to identify a company under GDPR here.

So that is how you can get quality services at the lowest prices.

You can also take a shortcut by hiring native translation service providers at lugandaproz.

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