Top 10 love messages in Luganda.


Send your lover any of these and make them feel special. We have translated them into Luganda because they convey deeper emotions especially when sent to someone who understands luganda.

10. You are my only one – Ye ggwe wekka ggwe nnina.

9. I need you – Nkwetaaga.

8. You are my oxygen – Ye ggwe mukka ggwe nzisa.

7. I choose you – Nnonze ggwe.

6. I love you to the moon and back – Nkwagala okutuka ku mwezi n’okukomawo.

5. I am thinking about you – Nkulowoozaako.

4. I miss you – Nkusubwa.

3. Congratulations my darling – Nkuyozayoza omwagalwa wange.

2. Happy birthday my love – Amazaalibwa amalungi mukwano.

1. I love you – Nkwagala.

Do you want to translate a love message or poem for your lover into Luganda?

Paste it in the form below and we shall respond with the translated text.


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