Three simple ways to increase your customers base in Uganda

Customers waiting for service

If you own a small or large scale business in Uganda, it is important that to know how to gain new customers and keep them loyal to your brand. More customers mean more profits and you can attain this by following the steps below;

  1. Listen to your customers. This is the only way you will understand their needs. You can collect feedback from them through surveys, social media, text messages or simple phone calls after offering them with your services. Now, make sure you use the feedback collected effectively by improving on respective fields because if left unresolved, the customers will feel unwanted and may thus withdraw from using services provided by your company. Gathering feedback, whether positive or negative will definitely help you stay on top of the competition.
  2. Invest in advertisements. You don’t have to run to a radio or television station to pass out your message, it can be as simple as posting your message on social media but making sure to boost them to reach your target audience.  One important aspect that most business owners ignore before creating adverts on social media is research. You have to make sure that your advert can answer the five Ws – Who, What, Where, When and Why. Effective adverts must answer all those questions. Then secondly, I advise you to try and tailor your message in at least two languages, that is; English and Luganda/ or any another native language depending on your location. This is necessary because research shows that at least 5 million adults in Uganda are illiterates (can’t read English). And making translations for for adverts has been made easy with numeral translation companies everywhere but please remember that language translations for your business depend on your targeted customers or the place where your business is located.
  3. Use Word of Mouth. Verbal exchange which most people confuse with network marketing might be an “oldie” with regards to methods for expanding clients but on the other hand it’s a treat, particularly for organizations that are fundamentally work up close and personal with their clients. Qyt is a an Chinese organization with branches in the Uganda that makes it sales by encouraging word of mouth. Qyt gives rewards to any person who brings in a friend to purchase its services. While they’ve attempted numerous approaches to build clients, informal exchange has given them the best outcomes.
    After you have a current customer base, you can use these connections to construct new ones and increment clients. For this strategy to be viable, you have to give brilliant client benefit and be astounding at what you do. At the point when your clients are content with the administration you give them, will probably tell every one of their companions which encourages you increment your clients.

By following those simple steps above, you will surely earn more customers.

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