The story of Njabala | The lazy girl

An image depiction of Njabala

Once upon a time, there lived a very hardworking man who married a woman in a village, far away. They lived happily and even gave birth to a child whom they named Njabala.

She grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the village. Her parents loved her so much and thus always got what she asked. Her mother never wanted her be bothered by house work for she did it all by herself. Woman carrying a baby

Njabala grew up in a life of bliss.

One day however, her father went hunting in the neighboring village and never returned. This made her mother devastated. She fell sick and eventually died.  Njabala stayed home until the time when she was ready for marriage. The elders got her a husband; she got married and went to her home. The husband had other wives who welcomed her and made her life very comfortable in the few days after the wedding for they would do everything for her.
But then the good times were over, and it was time for her to do her chores. She was given a bush to cultivate and make her garden, she got her days for cooking, and she was shown the house and everything, and all the other things she had to do.
Poor girl, she could not do anything herself; she could not even start to cook or carry a pot on her head, or wash because her mother never taught her.Image of a woman winnowing seeds.

Everytime she cooked, she burnt the food. Every chore she did went wrong. Her world become too dark. As a result her husband got angry with her, he abused and beat her while her co-wives laughed.
One day in the garden, she started to cry and sang to her mother to come and see what she had done to her, by not teaching her how to work in the household. She cried too much that the ghost of her mother appeared and dug the whole field while singing and urging her to learn because a woman must know her work.
The following days became brighter for Njabala. Her husband thought his disciplinary action towards Njabala had worked and he was so pleased for the garden looked so nice. He went home and thanked her, gave her presents and she become the favorite of them from then on.

However, one evening, her husband returned home early to meet his beloved wife but he got the shock of his life. He saw a ghost digging there garden as Njabala sat down. He immediately ran and called all the neighbors who helped him chase Njabala from the village. Picture of a woman carrying luggage

Njabala cried as she carried a stockpile on her back, not knowing where to go.