Baganda are the largest ethnic group within Uganda. They are ruled by a King called the kabaka whose power is supreme and can’t be questioned.

The Baganda speak a language known as Luganda.

They are raised to respect everyone in the community irrespective of age, race or gender. In fact, a child in Buganda belongs to the whole neighborhood and thus it isn’t illegal for a neighbor to discipline any child found misbehaving.

Growing up a muganda means;

  • You have to kneel down and greet your elders any time of the day  especially for the girls.
  • You have to learn how to do housework like cooking, fetching water, mopping, washing clothes, etc because a lazy child isn’t tolerated. To encourage children to do housework, the Baganda came up with stories like Njabala.
  • You can’t disobey your parents no matter how old you get. There is a saying that ‘a parent is the God we have on earth.’
  • You have to get married a virgin.
  • Participate in societal functions even burial. You can fetch water or help them cook.
  • Do all the rites of passage such as pulling for the girls to be submissive to men.
  • As a child, you have to sit down and not on the chair unless granted permission.
  • You don’t have to eat your meat first and if a visitor comes, you have to hand it over.
  • When a person passes you while you eat, you have to call them to join you  by saying, jangu tulye which means come and we eat. 
  • Dressing appropriately.
  • Etc

All of these norms and traditions are used to train children in the Buganda community to be obedient, kind, tolerant which is termed as discipline.

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