Why should you care about getting your Luganda translations proofread?

It is one thing to have your luganda documents translated and it is another getting them proofread. 

Proofreading is a creative process of analyzing content to make sure it meets the set standards. Therefore, a document is analysed word for word to make sure it doesn’t just make sense but is also factual. 

I know for a fact that most companies invest more in translating than proofreading because they think it is unnecessary. If you fall in the same boat, you have to stop now and here is why?

Most luganda translators hardly know English.  

Having been in the translation business for close to 10 years now, I say this with all the authority there is. I have come across many translators who claim to be working or have worked for several other translation companies but have no command of the English language. They simply know few basic English words but feel pretty confident translating documents thrown at them. This is quite sad. 

It is even more saddening when you learn that some companies don’t give new translators qualification tests. They don’t give them because they do not understand the native languages themselves! 

I am not saying there are no good companies out there. NO. There are.

My point is try to do some background checks before you publish your translated documents online.

Invest in luganda proofreading services.   

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