Uganda is a multilingual country with over 10 native languages that are spoken in the different regions of the country. The languages commonly used in Uganda include Luganda, acholi, lusoga, runyakore, rukiga, rutooro, ateso, alur, lugbar, swahili, karamanjong, lugbar, luo, etc. Despite different attempts by the government of Uganda to introduce Swahili as the official local language, natives in the country especially the Baganda have resisted this venture preferring their very own language, Luganda.

As a translation company located in the heart of Uganda, Lugandaproz has recruited professionals from each region of Uganda to avail our clients’ every language need. We are happy to inform you that we have natives stationed to translate any language need you may have with full confidentiality.

Every file or project is handled by trained professionals who know how to speak and write fluent English.

We only work with the finest, most respected local professionals in the country. Each of our providers must undergo a rigorous Certification process, and his or her performance is evaluated on every assignment covered.

This unequaled commitment to quality makes us the very best in the translation business.

For more information about the services lugandaproz offers, please submit this below.

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