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Hire affordable translators

Statistics show that there thousands of online translation companies but 90% of these charge $0.5+ to $1 per word. If you are to ask me, this is exorbitant. It doesn’t matter what the promise to are, or how experienced the translators are portrayed, it all comes down to one word, Expensive.

And what usually leads to these high rates? It’s the intermediaries. Because as translation companies tend to offer several languages from at least 20 countries, it means they can’t directly contact all the native translators and thus require intermediaries who can make it possible. This intermediary translation process leads to slow delivery and exposes your document to confidential-breech because it passes through many hands and eyes.

Don’t put your document at risk and don’t accept to be cheated. Never let any translator charge you that much when you can get $0.2 per word at lugandaproz because offering quality translations at the lowest rates possible is our pride. We are people oriented and we know that there are several individuals out there who need these services daily and thus can’t charge them such high amounts.

And if you thought this couldn’t get any better, well, think again because on a round table, we decided to not only offer low rates but to also make them negotiable to be able suit everyone.

These rates apply to all the languages we translate such as Dinka, Luganda, Lusoga, acholi, rutooro, swahili and many more.

So, sit back, send us your work, receive a quote, negotiate if possible and let us do those translations for you.

If you need a price quote right now, just CLICK HERE.

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