of personal & business documents.

Upload your file. > Receive a quote. > Pay. > Receive your translated file.


This simple technique involves voicing a document for radio, television production, film-making, theater, or other presentations.


Working with professional in-house and freelance natives has established us as the cream in East African language interpretion.


Language experts read and correct any errors in the written document thus making it astounding.


Enjoy our fast and accurate transcriptions done by language experts.


Let us help you change words from one language to another today. Quality and accuracy guaranteed.


We provide you with expert advice in different work fields such as finance, marketing...


100% free and Quality Guaranteed.

Our Clients


  • I have been translating with this company for about a year and I strongly recommend them because they have good customer service and deliver on time.

    Becky Linton
  • Always looking forward to those weekly discounts. I love that I pay way less than I used to pay on other websites.

    Mbabazi Carol
  • I enjoy the simplicity of this site. I can easily pay for the work done through paypal and I also enjoy the project managers’ professionalism.

    Octagen Gilbert
  • I received my price quote in minutes and translators worked on my videos on that same day. They will definitely hear from me again.

    Hillary Blair
  • I absolutely loved everything about my voice-over audio. Amazing.

    Ethan Berret
  • I had some doubts when I received the price quote because your rates where quite low, but after receiving my files, I am definitely going to be your long term client.

    Belinda Gates
  • I consulted with lugandaproz about the business environment in Uganda and received the best advice.

    Arnold zurredu
  • I love lugandaproz and shall always hire them to translate my documents. They always deliver quality.

    Musiima Rhoda
  • महान काम किया।

    Aadarshini Z.
  • Quick turnaround. I was so impressed.

    Desmond E.
  • Je recommande lugandaproz à tous ceux qui souhaitent traduire un document car ils sont bon marché et fiables.

    François Georges
  • I really appreciate it - will absolutely come to you for any additional Luganda work.

    Samuel Bockoven
  • Traduções impressionantes. Adoro que meu documento tenha sido entregue para mim no mesmo formato em que foi enviado. (xml)

    Isaac Agostinho
  • I have translated with this company for 8 months now. They have never once failed to beat my deadlines. I am confident with using their services every time. I recommend you try them.

    Dr. Stevenson
  • 私は個人的に、日本語のリストを言語のリストに追加するように要請し、追加しました。どうもありがとう。

    Akari I.


To convey affordable, quality translations and provide solutions to any language barriers.


Time management
Conflict resolution
  1. Communication skills: Are vital to every company. They incorporate composed, verbal, and nonverbal exchange of information. One important communication skill in this day and age is email. We have project managers to mediate communications with all clients.
  2. Creativity: Is the core use of one’s imagination to create something unique but relevant.
  3. Teamwork: Makes the team work to its full potential. With teamwork, the set targets are achieved easily and work load is managed efficiently. Time management is also emphasized with good teamwork.
  4. Time management: It means that you plan for and control every minute of your time in a company. Our years of experience mean we know how to manage time.
  5. Conflict resolution: When conflicts arise, new solutions are drawn and the company advances. As a translation company, we handle every conflict privately but amply with each customer until we draft a favorable solution.
  6. Flexibility: With the uncertainty about the future, flexibility in an organisation is a very important element.  We review policies on a quarterly basis to ensure that we are not caught off-guard by any abrupt circumstances.

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